The colors of this outfit make me happy. All Winter long I wear black and grey. I love black and grey, but I miss my colors. My warm-weather-wear is a 100% flip flop where i hit you in the face with loud colors, kimonos too long for me, the Birkenstock’s that my Mother is ashamed to be seen with me in, and trippy flower patterns from my CA days…but I still love all of that so…it is what it is. Anyway, this hat is my new favorite. I got it from Free People on sale. (yeeeyee.) Both my boyfriend and I friend said, “No, Mattie, no, that doesn’t look good.” Well, shows how much I listen when it comes to dressing myself. 

Hat- Free People

Sweater- Urban Outfitters (probably 6 years ago)

Baby Blue Tank Top - H&M

Jeans-Vintage Levi’s

Shoes - Urban Outfitters (last year on sale for like 6 dollars…*claps self on back*)

Bag- Nena & Co.


When I saw this shirt at the flea market I knew it had to be mine. Peter didn’t understand. But….c’mon…it’s so good! We spent the day at a coffee shop and shoppin’ for new spring plants. It makes me so happy to have our apartment filled with plant-babies! I can’t wait for our place to be drenched in sunlight, and to have even a few hours without rain. This winter is starting to get to me. I’m feeling desperate for the sun, & I know I’m not the only one feeling this way! Don’t worry guys, Spring will be here soon. 

Hat - Vintage Stetson (Peter found this hat for me for 99 cents at Goodwill. SCORE.)

Top - Portland Flea Market

Jeans - Levi’s 501

Booties - H & M 


I loved this day so much. I photographed Lauren’s wedding in New Orlean’s (which is now one of my most favorite cities) nearly a year ago now, and this was our second time shooting together. This was her brainchild…the clothes…the mood…the textures…everything. It’s pretty amazing when you and a client just “get” each other.  I’ve also had a ton of interest in intimate portrait sessions from other women because of this shoot. Thank you Lauren!

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