Comfort over everything ammmmI right? I can’t believe I didn’t start wearing sneakers until last year. Being short, I had really only worn booties for yearssss besides when going to the beach or the gym. It just didn’t feel right. But, having a boyfriend who buys you sneakers, and a good friend who works for Nike, my 5 foot 3 tall self has learned to be a boss in sneakers. 

Denim Shirt - Stole it from my brother

Grey t-shirt dress - Levi’s

Earrings - Patina 

Leggings - Forever 21

Sneakers - Nike


Hello lovelies! 

My first creative passion, even before photography, was fashion. I’ve loved playing dress up since I could walk, and I even went to school for a little while for fashion design. I style my own shoots often, and I love it. I’m attracted to patterns, and I love to mix them, earthy tones, classic denim, chunky jewelry (especially raw stones, gold, and ringsss), anything with a vintage or slightly boho feel, and I love faux fur and shag. My #1 style rule is to be comfortable, if it ain’t comfy, you won’t find it in my closet. Sometimes, my boyfriend looks at me and just laughs is ass off about what I have on, my parents have more than once told me I look homeless, and I frequently wear outfits that make no sense at all so…if you’re into that kinda thing, I’m your girl. Anyway, I decided I want to dig deeper into this passion of mine part, and add a weekly style post to my blog. Cheers to the first one!

Vest - Goodwill

Jeans - Old Navy (rockstar) These are seriously one of my favorite pairs of jeans I’ve ever owned. 

Button up - H & M

Shoes - Stole them from my Mom

Jade teardrop ring- somewhere in Big Sur

Stone ring - Gem and Point 


Hey guys!

   I’ve gotten quite a few messages on Instagram about my apartment, and friends texting me about where I got certain things, so,  I thought I would do a little apartment tour! I love decorating, collecting things, and I love our little one bedroom in the middle of the city. It’s important to me to have our place feel warm and cozy, to be surround by items from travels, and of course tons of photos. Most of what’s in our place are items I collected from Big Sur when I lived in Monterey, thrifted pieces, plants, and books.  I work from home a lot, and it’s hard for me to concentrate if our place is cluttered. My favorite things in our apartment have to be items my Mama has gifted me, our handmade goods from our friend Tawna of Birds of a Feather Designs, our coffee table that Peter made with his Dad, and the studio backdrop Peter made for me (that roll of paper above the double doors.) I attached links below for some of the pieces I’ve been asked about! 

Dream Catchers & Mobile - Birds of a Feather

Wooden “Live” sign (Laurel also creates AMAZING jewelry) - Current and Copper

Deer Pillow - Patina 

Eye Pillow- Urban Outfitters

Coffee table - made by Peter

Grey Throw on the Couch- Faribault Woolen Mill

Patterned Chair - World Market

Golden Arrows above door - thrifted 

You are Still Alive skeleton poster - Landon Sheely

Deer Hooks- Patina

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