I truly could not say enough good things about these two. They have grown to be such dear friends of mine. It all began when they popped into to bar I used to work at on the hottest day of the year many moons ago. They had just moved to Portland and I was super new to town as well. We hit if off immediately and fast forward 5(ish) years we just got back from a camping trip together.

Chad & Michelle set the day up so they could get ready in their home, take photos in their neighborhood, and walk to their venue. How cool is that? The first photo here is of Chad's note to her that morning and to me that set the tone for how personal, thoughtful, and sweet the entire day was (and also describes their relationship.) I am BEYOND GLAD they decided to come into my bar and get tipsy on that day so many years ago. Love you two!

Venue - Holocene

Photographer - Mattie Krall

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