I often get asked how to take good photos of kids. People say "they never listen! they never want to look at the camera!" and the list goes on and on...My biggest piece of advice is to let kids be kids. Are the photos going to look amazing if you make them sit still and smile directly at you for 30 minutes? NOPE. I'll as the kids about their life, what do they think is funny? What do they do for fun? I pick a location where there is room to move and play, and it feels like an adventure. WE run, we jump, we play games. Kids LOVE it when I ask them to help me find the next photo spot. What do they think would look good? Be flexible with time. Take some pressure off yourself and focus on capturing the interactions with each other over anything else. Smiles will happen naturally if you make it fun. Also, parents, a bribe of getting something yummy is they do well never fails. hahaha!

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