We are in a full blown global pandemic and wedding season is fast approaching. If you’re getting married in 2020 preparation for your big day has most likely been a bit (or a ton) more stressful than you had imagined and you are navigating totally uncharted wedding planning waters. AND GUESS WHAT? You’re absolutely allowed to be upset. You can admit that it sucks ass and that you are hurt while still being responsible and respectful during the current state of the world. 

It sucks BIG TIME for us in the Wedding Industry too. Not only do our livelihoods depend on you getting married, we also look SO FOWARD to experiencing your day of freaking amazing love and fun too. I truly hate seeing my couples whom I’ve grown adore go through this. This is all overwhelming and I wish I could squeeze you so tight that it would hide you from the disappointment. SIGH. But, it’s time for some straight shootin’ real talk isn’t it?

The truth is this is going to last a lot longer than we would like and that’s scary. Yes, you may have to postpone your wedding. Yes, I have already have weddings postponed. We have to do what is best for the greater population even when it hurts. We have to keep each other safe. The better we handle this situation the more beautiful things will be when it’s all over…and it will be over. 

Here is my list of advice for you that have asked and even for you that haven’t on how to navigate your 2020 wedding (listen up 2021 couples + potential 2021 couples this could help you too.)

-TAKE A DEEP BREATH. Yeah, I know I hate when people say this to me when I’m panicking too, but for real, take a deep breath. Now another. You got this. 

-If you are getting married in 2020 and have a feeling creeping into your gut that says you may need to start making different wedding preparations; don’t ignore it. Start talking to your partner, family, and ALL of your vendors (venue, florist, photographer dj, etc.) It doesn’t mean you have to alter your plans right away, but it will help everyone get prepared to help you if need be. Use kind, calm, and understanding language and I guarantee people will be more likely to help you. Keep in mind we WANT to work with you. We WANT to celebrate with you and to see you have the best most flawless day ever!

-Your Photographer, Venue, Videographer, Florist, etc. all have already started booking 2021 weddings. That means less new dates available for you to postpone yours. Also, some vendors will charge a rescheduling fee. This is because they are losing your 2020 date and you are taking an open 2021 date. That means a lot less money for them and more paperwork. The unfortunate truth to all of this is that you will probably lose some money, but you ARE NOT the only ones. We have to lead compassion and understanding because we are all hurting. We all have to keep the lights on and food on the table. 

-Though we are all in a tough position and want to help each other out where we can, you may still encounter vendors that truly cannot help you out financially. It’s not because they don’t want to but a) they cannot afford it and b) they legally do not owe it to you.  I am mainly talking about retainers/deposits here. If you signed a contract that said your retainer is non-refundable, that more than likely means it’s non-refundable no matter what. Vendors require non-refundable deposits to keep themselves safe for many reasons and one of them is times like these. For example my contract states:

In the unlikely event of unforeseen illness or any other circumstances beyond our control, or an act of God,”  which  covers not only the usual nature related Acts of God but also war, terrorism and pandemics. Ask your vendor if your deposit can transfer over to a new date with them. I know many people are waiving their rescheduling fee (like me) but again, vendors may not be able to do this for you. 

- Think of it like this…

You bought a brand new car right before the pandemic. You’ve been driving around that car for a few months and putting miles and general wear & tear on it. Now that the pandemic is here and money is tight you want to return your car for full price, but you can’t because you already put the miles into it and no one is buying cars right now. Does that make sense? Who knows what make sense anymore! Your Wedding Photographer has most likely already put in hours talking with you, helping you plan out a timeline, given you advice, sent countless emails, sent over a contract and deposit, and reserved your day for you meaning turning down other potential jobs on that day, and also no one else is going to book said day now due to the pandemic. Though most of this is fun for us, it’s still work, and it’s a big part of what you’re paying for when you hire us. You can’t return your Wedding Photographer for full price anymore, just like how you can’t return any other service or purchase. 

- That was a lot.phew. I need a glass of wine.

Let’s listen to each other, be kind, and find light where we can.

-If you are current wedding client of mine please reach out at any time. You have my email and my number. We will talk through the nitty gritty and the fun stuff too. If you know you want to hire me to shoot your wedding in the future reach out sooner rather than later. I love you already. 


You love when I share my images from our Oakridge Escapes weekend so I’m giving them a permanent home on my blog! During my slow season I often to work with Air Bnb’s or PNW lodges and hotels. Oakridge Escapes (if you look up that name on air bnb they will come right up!) was absolutely one of the prettiest, spotless, dream location, magical air bnb’s I have ever stayed in. The owners are beyond helpful and genuinely want to see their guests have the best time possible. They have a few properties and this one comfortably can fit 8 guests PLUS has a fully fenced in yard which is amazing for the kiddos and fur babies. If you book your own getaway with them let them know I sent yah!


This wedding was LIT….like nearly on fire with a HEAT WAVE. My bride Amy texted me that it was the hottest that day had ever been in history in MN. 108 degrees but felt hotter. With that said ….LOOK AT HOW AMAZING THEY LOOK. The heat didn’t bring us down or pass us out. I friggen’ loved this day. Legacy Hills was such a gorgeous venue and Amy and Nathan were the coolest and chillest couple. I actually shot Nathan’s little sister Hannah’s wedding in 2018 so it was special to see their crew again and be the family Photographer. This was an unforgettable one.  Thank you Dunn’s!

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