Tropical Lake Minnetonka, MN Wedding

Was Leah & Sam’s wedding in Hawaii or Minnesota? Anyone!? Their tropical florals and bright pops of red, orange, and yellow, gave our moody day on The Big Island on Lake Minnetonka, MN such life and texture. When I met Leah and Sam last Christmas to take their engagement photos I immediately felt like they were a couple I could be fast friends with and I was right. I text Leah all the time and she’s become dear to my heart.  When I say Leah and Sam did everything for their wedding I mean they did EVERYTHING. With the help of family and friends they transported tents, decor, florals, outfits, catering, dessert, etc. all on pontoon boats to their family property on the island and they pulled it off wonderfully. This place would have been a DREAM as a kid, it was like private Summer camp. I loved this day, this couple, and this Island. 

Enjoy friends!


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