This was my second time working with Oakridge Escapes and they are just the best. The owners have a few properties down in Oakridge, Oregon and this one is called the Lodge at Hillcreek. They actually came over to meet us while were enjoying our stay and I thought that was so sweet. This property easily sleeps 8 but 10 people could absolutely fit. It's perfectly secluded with access to the river where they have supplied kayaks! It was sparkling clean which is a major plus during Covid, and they actually even leave a few extra days between guests to make sure all those gross germs are gone! The entire yard is fenced in which is amazing for the pups and I'm sure would be wonderful for kids. I cannot recommend booking a stay with them enough if you are in need of a good ol' PNW adventure. 

"Mattie Krall is one of our most favorite professionals to work with, and I always recommend her first to those looking for a photographer. She is a master at lighting, creating photos that capture the most special moments, and at using her talents in fun, creative ways. Selecting the right photographer is important, and we would give her 6 out of 5 stars if we could."

-Lindsey, owner of Oakridge Escapes

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