I've been shooting for Stumptown Mattress since they launched in 2017. The owner's Mary Ruth and Michael are genuinely nice people and I admire how they run their multiple businesses. They hire as locally as possible within every aspect of Stumptown and truly listen and appreciate what ideas others bring to table. Their mattresses are made here in the PNW have a Gold Level Sustainability Certification by the City of Portland. I went to visit their factory last month and felt like I was a kid on a cool school field-trip. (Though they have currently turned their warehouse into a mask making factory during COVID-19.) One of the main components within the mattress is made from soy and the fabric that lines the outside is recycled material. They will deliver right to you doorstep. I sleep on one every night and really underestimated the luxury of a nice mattress until I got one of theirs. 

If you're looking for a new mattress head to their website and look around. Tell them I sent you and you may get a little something extra with your purchase. 


"We keep our business  local to the PNW as much as possible and Mattie has been working with us since the very beginning. She's sensitive, caring, compassionate, and passionate about her work. She's guided us through some sticky spots and always figured out the best look/feel for our company. All of the people in the photos are "real" people who live here, work here, and play here. Mattie knows how to make them all light up and how to tell our story. We encourage you to check her out. Thank you Mattie for all you do for Stumptown Mattress. The PNW is a better place with you here."

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