Hey,  I'm Mattie! I grew up in Minnesota, left the Midwest at 19, hopped around the west coast, got my BFA, and am currently living in Portland, Oregon.   

I've never been one to settle. I knew I had to find a career that I had a passion for or I wasn't going to be happy, and I knew I was willing to work hard for it. I found a love for Photography through my Grandfather. He constantly had a camera in hand, capturing our families most candid moments.  He taught me how to use my first camera and I've been shooting ever since. This isn't just a job to me, it's also what I love, and I want to share that with you. I want to inspire you, go on an adventure, help style you, and make some magic that we are both completely happy with. I do this for me and for you, and you will get the best I can give.  Let's do this! 

A few things about be:

-I just got hitched 2 months ago! Do you need some tips, tricks, advice? I'm your girl. I learned so much going through the wedding process myself.

-I have an 8 month old puppy named Pig. Yup, Pig. 

-The only class I ever failed was Photography in college. (There's a good ol' story behind it too.)

-My ideal date is to start off with a hike, & then off to a dive bar to enjoy some whiskey & all the cheesy bar food they have.


What are your rates?

I have investment guides ready to send to you at your request with all of my pricing details!

       -Please contact me directly for portrait, product, & lifestyle campaign inquiries. 

       -Weddings start at $2,400 

       -Elopements and Small Weddings (under 65 people) start at $2,000

Are you willing to travel?

Hell yes, and I do all the time! 

Do you charge for travel?

Yes. I understand every travel experience is different and may require a more custom package than what is in my investment guide.

A basic guideline -When flying for a job I charge for the roundtrip flight,  rental car/Uber,  and lodging for the night before your event and night of event. 

E-mail me to further discuss!

Will you bring a second shooter?

This depends on which package you choose.

Can I have all of the images shot, RAW files, or unedited images? 

No. I have spent so much time perfecting my craft that I can't have naked images floating around on the internet. A big part of hiring me to shoot for you is trust. That trust is knowing what you receive will be comparable to the body of work that I share on-line. The final images you receive are a gallery of what you hired me to make. Unlike many Photographer's,  I hand edit every single you receive. In the end, I give you the absolute best photos I possibly can, and put the rough drafts away.

How many images will I receive?

This varies by which package you pick, how many hours I shoot, location etc. I don't put an exact number on how many images you receive, because no job is quite the same. 

-Wedding image deliverables tend to start around 500 images. 

When can I expect my images?

This varies by how busy I am, the season, and type of shoot.

-Portrait, Product, Lifestyle shoots tend to be delivered in 2-4 weeks.

-Weddings tend to be delivered in 8-10 weeks. 

Terms and Conditions: Mattie Krall Photography LLC reserves the right to use images for display, publications, advertising, or other purposes without notifying the customer.

Prices are subject to change without notice.


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