These two have it all...the humor, the love, the venue, the love, the STYLE...ugh, a highlight of 2022. Carrie and Brent got married at the Portland Courthouse the day before and then had their reception the day after at their family friends barn. I loved how they were perfectly themselves though the whole process and I'm so glad that I made them feel comfortable enough to do so. Brent told me all he really hoped for with the photos is a doobie shoot, so I had to make sure to include some of those in this post. One of my absolute favorite parts of the day is when Brent serenaded his new Bride with a love song he wrote for her in front of everyone they hold near and dear. You guys...Carrie had a boy write her a love song and sing it on their wedding day!! Is that sinking in? That's every girls dream right there ammi right? I can't thank them enough for having me capture their perfect celebrations.

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