Dynamo Ultima Brand Shoot

AHHH holy butts this day was so damn fun! Lexi and Cody of Dynamo Ultima gave me free rein with creative direction and styling which is a dream for me. They did not want typical "working on computers in a coffee shop" brand photos.  We wanted their shoot to present fun, playful, slightly kooky/nerdy, and to show how these two start a project by working with their hands on paint, pen, and paper. I was super inspired by bright pastels and Wes Anderson. 

Dynamo Ultima is a branding company for bold, curious, and wild entrepreneurs based in Portland, Oregon. 

Location: The Portland Studio

Dynamo Ultima Review: 

We are dying over how amazing Mattie's photos are. She is a creative photographic genius. She was there every step of the way with outfit ideas and the entire concept of the shoot. We didn't want your typical brand image. These are FUN. We can't wait to use them for our new studio brand and website.

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