Noemi is 2 (almost!)

I have been a part of this wonderful families journey since Reiko and Jordan's wedding years ago. Their daughter Noemi is just a few months younger than my daughter Lou and I am such a sucker for adventurous kids this age. Love this fam, read below what Reiko had to say after our shoot!

"What’s that saying? When you have something good… hold on to it tight? I could’ve made that up but that’s exactly how I (& I’m sure I can vouch for my husband on this) feel about Mattie! She was there to capture our wedding a few years ago and when I learned she was moving to Minnesota I had absolutely no hesitation to reach out to her to capture our first family photos with our daughter and it’s been an annual reunion ever since. Mattie’s portfolio speaks for itself… I mean ugh just SO good… I can’t emphasize that enough.. but she’s also such a good human being and comes with all the good vibes. I 1000% recommend Mattie to anyone wanting their special moments captured!"


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