If you know me personally you also know Izzy (or Elize as I call her.) We have been best friends for the last 15 years. We've moved all over the country together and have been partners every step of the way. She truly is my soulmate. When Elize and Thomas asked me to take their engagement photos I said DUH, and also I would have been offended if someone else got to do it since I won't be shooting the wedding. 

Together Elize and Thomas are silly, fun, slightly nerdy, and always down for a classic chill PNW adventure. They bring an ease to every group hang out and would do anything for their friends. I've always loved how I can see how much Thomas admires her and gets a kick out of her quirks (which is very important because she's the most amazing human on earth and hilarious even when she's not even trying.) Alright, no more about that or I'll get tears on my laptop. 

 This is my favorite engagement to shoot to date because of obvious reasons. Can't wait for all to come for these two and for myself...because I'll be standing weirdly close the entire time. 


Locations - Rooster Rock State Park + NE Portland 

Izzy's green dress since I know ya'll are going to ask! - Macys

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